Montag, 21. Oktober 2013



Around the turn from the 19th century to the 20th century some scientist created a maschin to controll a unkown force which seemed like it was infinitiv.
It didn't need any material to get the energy it simply comes out of your body.
This new maschin was soon really popular. A guy named Dr. Mangus created this maschin
he named this kind of force and energy "Magic". The humans in this world
didn't saw any reason anymore to research something. So they just quit rresearching because they 
already got anything they want. Whit magic everything is possible whitout even turning your hand.
but there were about 30% of the human porpulation which couldn't control it and about 40% who never learned how.
These people were put into slavery they had to work for those people who called themselfe "the brute of Mangus".
these "Magicans" controlled everything. The people who worked for them had to follow every order, they were abused
raped and used not as humans but as mere things.
But what the "Magicans" never had known was that their endless power wherent their power
this brute force came from a other world named Earth, simpley they are stealing away our power.

Time passed, tens of years of slavery abuse and unhappiness until a kid was born.
A littel princess in the mid of the kenway house. She is a hot headed girl whitstand everything
that her father is telling her. She is abeautiful girl but she hat a fouled laungage and a sharp toung.
Her father, King Kenway II, told her she isn't allowed to play whit the "Dirty poor kids" down the valley.
She is supposed to be a good girl learning how to act as a Magican learning the way of magic.
She is supposed to become the Princess and after that the queen of Kordia.
But she thougth that is boring to be whit that ganny which is her teacher and always looking down and
acting all highly before the queen. Amilia, our princess, wasnt that intersted
but she didn't deny it that it was usefull. soe she learned and kept her mouth shut. She didn't gave it her all
but she still learned.
One day after plaing whit the "dirty poor kids" she came back home around Midnigth
She found her father full of anger waiting for her homecoming. This normally peacefull Father
was so pissed and had a bad guy face on him that she never had sawn in her whole life.
He searched through the whole castle and the whole city in the valley.
He took her arm and pulled her into the room where they would normally eat dinner.
She screamed: "Let me go you dame ugly bastard of a dog!"
He threw her into the room whit one hand, she landed on her butt.
He looked down on her whit that evil look in his eyes.
"You are calling me a Bastard? even a Ugly dog? Look at yourselfe my littel princess,
where is your god dame dress from your mother and where is that pouch i gave you?" he said whit a harsh tone.
She responded whit a low voice: "I gave it to Dilene. We tradet our dresses" she said frigthend.
"What?!" he said whit that evil voice again "Speak up my kid princess Amilia Charlott, Kenway
I thougth, I heared you've tradet one of these dame expensive things you've borrowed from you dead mother?"
He said and slapped her whit the back hand.
a littel bruise showed up on the side of her rigth eye
She couldn't handle the situation and started to 
cry and lie out of an impulse: "I didn't mean to give it to her i... I'd just... Buwaaahhhhhh..." 
Kenway couldn't carry that fassad on and his kind father soul came back
"there there, no need to cry tat much we are already 15teen don't you think it's time to act proper?"
He said and hugged her. She cried on his shoulder till she calmed down.
Her father kept his mouth shut for the time begin. "Now have you calmed down a bit?" he asked
Amilia nodded "come one i'll lead you to your room" he said and took her by the shoulder. 
But she pulled him back "carry me" she said. He looked a bit confused. "Carry me!" but then he just laughed and
throw her up and catched her out of the air. "Promise me one thing kid, never ever
ever break my rules again!" she nodded and buried her face in his shoulder.
he carryed her to the bed and she slept very well.